Television Screen On While Driving
Aug 16,2005
A concern has been identified on a number of Range Rover vehicles within the above VIN range. An in-plant quality assessment has highlighted a concern with the TV functionality; the TV screen in the front of the vehicle may not operate as intended after using other features, e.g. the telephone. The television will remain operable by the driver while the vehicle is in motion if the TV is being operated in the full screen position at the time that the vehicle is stationary and a call through the in-car phone system is either made or received and not ended prior to setting the vehicle in motion.

Action to be taken:
Land Rover has taken the decision to recall all affected vehicles that have not been repaired under Quarantine Notice Q6004 for the high level display front (HLDF) unit to be reprogrammed with a revised level of software to
ensure that the TV screen is switched off at the time the vehicle is in motion. The HLDF unit will be reprogrammed using World Diagnostic System (WDS) software CD05.

All unsold vehicles or vehicles that have not yet been handed over to the customer must have the HLDF unit reprogrammed prior to release of the vehicle for sale.

You are requested to check DDW to ensure that the vehicle is outstanding this action, prior to undertaking any repair action. Repeat claims will not be accepted.

Land Rover are writing to owners of vehicles affected by this Recall Action, requesting them to contact their nearest dealer as soon as possible to arrange for the HLDF unit to be reprogrammed.
The letters to customers will be mailed Monday 7th March 2005 by first class mail: customers should receive their letters progressively from Tuesday 8th March 2005.

VIN Range:

5A180215 to 5A189568
recallnum : A196
Build Date : 2005
Also covered : ( Freelander L314 )
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