ACE High Pressure Pump
Apr 07,2004
ACE High Pressure Pump - Banjo Connection Torque Concern

Land Rover has identified a concern associated with the Active Cornering Enhancement (ACE) pump banjo connection as fitted to Discovery Series II models. The banjo may, under certain conditions, suffer from torque relaxation and allow fluid to leak past the joint. This may prevent the ACE system from operating. Low system
pressure will lead to an amber or red warning light on the instrument console. In extreme cases, should the vehicle continue to be driven, the fluid leak could lead to fire.

Action to be Taken

For the UK market, Land Rover will contact those customers direct whose vehicles are affected by this Safety Recall in conjunction with Safety Recalls BD148 and BD150. You are requested to make similar arrangements to contact the affected customers in your Market, following procedures that are appropriate to your particular Market and as required by local legislation. You are requested to base your letter to affected customers closely on the UK Customer Letter as found under Safety Recall BD148, but adapted to the requirements of your

All Discovery Series II models fitted with ACE will require the banjo connection to be checked for tightness as detailed in the workshop procedure is attached under Appendix 1.

All vehicles currently used as demonstrators, held in stock, showroom and used vehicles must have this work carried out prior to onward distribution or customer handover of the vehicle.
recallnum : BD 149
Build Date : 1998 to 2004
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