Range Rover OVERFINCH 570Ti
Oct 20,2003  •   3350 views
The Overfinch 570Ti conversion used the GM 5.7L Small Block High Performance Engine. This was the first engine used by Overfinch that utilized a form of fuel injection.

This engine was modified to Overfinch's specifications by General Motors before being shipped over the Atlantic. The original Fuel Injection system was the Holley Pro-Jection system which was mounted in special multi-barrel carburetor type housing and used its own computer control system. Later versions used a multi-point injection system similar to Land Rover's own EFi system.

This engine, along with the 500i and 570Ci which were also introduced in 1994, were known as the 2nd Generation engines. These incorporated the latest refinements introduced by General Motors and included thin walled casting technology, low friction cast aluminum pistons and hydraulic valve gear.

Technical Details:

Displacement(cc) 5734
Bore(mm) 101.6
Stroke(mm) 88.4
Compression Ratio 10:1
BHP/RPM 328/5000
Torque(lbs ft)/RPM 350/31-3900
Top Speed(mph) 130
Acceleration(0-60) 6.7

Further features of the Ti were racing spec silicon plug leads, gas flowed aluminum cylinder heads, cast magnesium rocker covers and Overfinch's own Powermaster camshaft.
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Oct 26,2003
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