Land Rover Provides Web Access to GTR
Dec 06,2003  •   6090 views
Gaydon, Warwickshire, 4 December 2003 - Land Rover will complete the roll out of its Global Technical Reference (GTR) website this month, designed to provide users with instant, 24-hour access to detailed vehicle maintenance information.

The network launch has been staggered, beginning with a US specific technical database available to their Independent Motor Traders (IMTs) and the general public through the Internet. A service tailored to the equivalent users in the UK was available several months later. Land Rover employees and European IMTs gained access in September, while the worldwide dealer network can use the GTR site through an extranet from this month.

The GTR site offers users improved availability and access to all technical materials, from maintenance check sheets and body repair manuals, to vehicle inspection advice and service bulletins. This allows dealers and IMTs to respond quickly to service actions and new part updates, causing minimal inconvenience to the customer in the event of a repair. Previously such information was uploaded onto a CD and sent to users via post.

US and European legislation dictated the need to supply all emissions related technical information to the IMT and general public, but the GTR site has grown into a Land Rover solution for providing a wider resource of technical materials.

GTR is a subscription based system, providing information over a sliding cost scale depending on the period of subscription and the range of information selected. All charges made to the public and Independent Motor Traders are aligned with those made to Land Rover's own Authorised Repairers.

Land Rover Managing Director, Matthew Taylor, said: "Global Technical Reference contributes to Land Rover's commitment of improving customer satisfaction by connecting every dealer technician directly to the publications database. With 24/7 connectivity and direct database access, GTR will dramatically reduce publication lead times."

You can find the Global Technical Reference (GTR) website by using the following link:
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