Next Generation Freelander (L550) Caught Testing Again
Mar 14,2013  •   3987 views  •  Source

A mule of the next generation Land Rover Freelander (Code L550) has been caught on camera by WCF spies. The current generation of the Freelander came out in 2007 and although it has received several facelifts since then, many will agree it looks quite dated.

Land Rover is working hard on its successor which will be revealed in late 2014 and go on sale a few months later.

It will share the same LR-MS platform with the Evoque whose body was used for this test mule. The new Freelander will be larger than the Evoque, with a longer wheelbase and a taller ride height. Thanks to the added size, Land Rover could decide to offer the 2015 Freelander with a seven-seat option. There also might be a more compact version of the model in the works.

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